For whom can breast augmentation be considered?

The colloquial term "breast augmentation" means medical mammary augmentation (Latin: mamma = female breast and augmen = propagation, increase).

However, the term includes not only the pure volume increase of the breast, but often also a corresponding optimization of the shape, e.g. in case of asymmetry or tissue relaxation as well as occasionally a repositioning of the nipple.

The most common reasons

The most common reasons why women choose breast augmentation are:

  • From nature from very small breasts
  • volume reduction through weight loss or pregnancy
  • asymmetry in terms of size or shape
  • loss the natural support function in the course of life
  • wish after a luscious bust with average breast size

Women often judge their body too negative

Breast augmentation - breast surgeryAs with any purely cosmetic-aesthetic intervention, one should ask oneself self-critically whether one absolutely wants to or even has to comply with the alleged beauty ideal. Smaller breasts, for example, are not a blemish in themselves - many of them are even particularly good. And even slight asymmetries or changes in shape are often seen by many as significantly more negative than this is purely objectively the case or is perceived by others, including partners.

In addition, even with ideal surgery, the breast may look a bit too perfect and therefore artificial, especially if it does not really suit your individual body or age. As a beautiful is commonly perceived that rather what seems consistent in the overall impression.

But: If a woman thinks after careful consideration that she would feel much more comfortable in the skin and with her breast through the procedure, third parties should also not give her all-inclusive advice or even condemn it. With all due caution against supposedly simple solutions and the uncritical belief in the normalization of the human, especially the female body: If years of stressful complexes through an operation come to an end, one may certainly see cosmetic surgery as a blessing of today's medicine.

Pressure from the partner is a no-go

One of the worst arguments for breast augmentation, however, would be if the partner urges surgery. Whether subtle or completely open - if a woman gets told by her boyfriend or husband that she is not attractive or even lovable enough without the procedure, she might want to look for another man instead of another breast form :-)

Such a breast surgery is usually also a matter of money, because only in rare, mostly medical justified exceptional cases, this is paid by the fund. The prices vary a lot, but with a few thousand euros (about 3,000 to 7,000) you have to expect in Germany in any case.

Physical and emotional maturity are important

A rigid minimum age limit exists with the appropriate suffering - and with the consent of the parents - by the way, not. However, it is medically advisable to wait for full physical maturity, which usually only after the 18th Birthday is the case. A good indicator of the equally necessary emotional maturity, is - incidentally, even with adults - that you see the procedure realistic and has no exaggerated expectations: The breasts are optimized after surgery in the best case ... the self-esteem, the relationship and But life itself will usually not change fundamentally and sustainably.

And a possibly distorted body image or deep-seated self-doubt can not be solved even the best cosmetic surgeon. In such a case, the Next problem zone may soon be identified.

So you should honestly check his motivation and even after some first doctor talks enough time, then you will find the right decision for yourself personally - either way.

Author: Dr. med. Monika Steiner