How do I find the right doctor for my breast augmentation?

Breast surgery for purely aesthetic reasons is practiced more and more often, especially in Western countries. The surgical breast augmentation alone is performed in Germany more than 20,000 annually, in the US even about 300,000 times. Anyone who chooses to undergo such an intervention often has the agony of choosing between several doctors, especially in large cities.

Find a doctor with experience

Doctor - breast surgery - breast augmentationThe surgery is usually performed by plastic surgeons - sometimes in their own specialist clinic or department of a hospital. Often, however, also in the operating room of one's own practice or in the bed of a clinic.

The location is less decisive than the experience and skill of the surgeon. As is true everywhere: who does something very often, is usually more skilled and experienced, than someone who makes only a few such interventions in the year. Here it is worthwhile to ask others for a tip, to exchange in appropriate Internet forums or to research online in doctor rating portals.

Use recommendation of others

Even doctors lists with concrete expert advice, such as published by FOCUS magazine publisher regularly, can be helpful. Of course, many non-listed doctors are excellent cosmetic surgeons - and vice versa, even with particularly recommended medical professionals risks and subsequent dissatisfaction by no means excluded. A bit of luck is always one of them - but in Germany one can rely on the fact that doctors who are allowed to do breast surgery are also explicitly qualified and practiced.

Dear cheap abroad?

Who plays with the idea of ​​reducing the costs of about 3000 - 7000 euros for a breast enlargement in this country by a cheaper surgery abroad, may also be lucky: Even in these, mostly eastern neighboring countries, there are of course good surgeons and best surgery results. But the problem is that you can not safely squeeze out "black sheep" among the providers - certainly not from a distance and with such a lucrative and ultimately private-sector business. Also, the use of possibly less high quality implants may later cause quite health and / or aesthetic problems.

Before and after the operation

Before the surgery is performed, it should be ruled out that there is a cancer of the breast. This is usually examined in a separate appointment with the gynecologist. The breast surgery itself is usually performed under general anesthesia. In a clinic follow after the procedure usually 1 - 3 days inpatient stay - in an outpatient surgery, you can after a few hours already back home and should only come back to the follow-up. After one week at the latest, one or more women are fully fit to work again - although the chest will feel tense over a longer or shorter period of time.

Author: Dr. med. Monika Steiner