When can breast reduction be useful?

There are roughly two types of reasons why a breast reduction can be performed: On the one hand, the OP desire may have mainly psychological causes: if the breasts are perceived by you as clearly too large, disproportionate or asymmetrical and therefore there is a considerable suffering.

Breast reduction - surgerySuch suffering can manifest itself in feelings of shame, insecurity and loss of self-esteem. The negative image of the body often has a major influence on relationships, sexuality and other lifestyle choices (eg abstaining from physical activity or avoiding swimwear or figure-hugging clothing).

Various complaints possible

On the other hand, the desire for a breast reduction plastic, as the breast reduction surgery in medical German is called, also have primarily physical reasons. For example, some women with particularly luxuriant breasts suffer from chronic headaches, postural defects or shoulder furrows. Pain and tension in the back, neck, shoulders or neck are also lamented. In the event of permanent inappropriate loading or restraint, these may in some cases even lead to neurological symptoms.

Rarely also skin irritations or infections occur in the area of ​​the breast underfold.

Some problems can be solved differently

If you suffer from such symptoms, you should definitely seek medical attention - depending on the problem with the gynecologist, neurologist or orthopedist. Many problems have nothing to do with the size of the breast despite the first appearance and can be repaired well without any surgery. And even if an above-average breast volume should have led to certain symptoms, you can, for example. Physiotherapy can contribute a lot to relieving or avoiding it.

And also emotional suffering should be taken seriously, but also be questioned critically: Is it really the breast size that bothers me? Or is it general self-doubt or simply a penchant for perfectionism that makes the supposed small defects of my body such a depressing subject? And is the problem so dominant that one would also accept unavoidable scars on the chest?

In addition to the general risks of the operation, all this should be weighed up and clarified before any intervention. It should also be mentioned, however, that according to a recent study, women who clearly suffered from chest-related symptoms usually described high levels of satisfaction and well-being after the operation.

When does the health insurance pay a breast reduction?

Of course, the decision for a breast reduction is also a question of money: Only in a few medically justified cases, namely the costs for a mammary reduction plastic are taken. For this purpose, a comprehensive report must be drawn up, in which the physical and / or mental need for such an intervention is attested by one or more specialists.

Incidentally, a mammoplastyoplasty should generally be considered only after the full physical maturation of the breast - so only at the age of 18 years. If the procedure already takes place during development time due to severe discomfort or emotional distress, it may be necessary to adjust to a corrective procedure that will become necessary later.

Author: Dr. med. Monika Steiner