Are tattoos dangerous?

tattoosBody decorations are as old as humanity.

Tattoos were also used by the ancient Egyptians and especially the Polynesians hundreds of years ago.

Today tattoos are a mass phenomenon and easy to get almost everywhere.

What you should pay attention to

If you want to get a tattoo, you should pay attention to a few things for the sake of your health:

  • Even if the tattoo ink is usually well tolerated, allergic reactions such as redness, itching etc. may occur in individual cases. Who knows that he has particularly sensitive skin or has "overreacted" to any substance in his previous history, should rather forego tattoos or seek skin specialist advice.
  • There are certain color pigments which, according to the current state of knowledge and experience, are also harmless in the long term. Again and again but also toxic and carcinogenic substances are found. Since tattoo inks are not subject to approval before they are used, such questionable products may therefore already be in circulation. Especially the current demand for ever new colors and effects creates a confusing international market. You should ask in the tattoo studio so quiet times and show the vials. Mandatory information according to current tattooing regulations are e.g. the exact individual components of the colors, best before date and name and address of the manufacturer. If these are missing, it can be assumed that the product has not undergone any testing so far.
  • Also important is the topic of hygiene. To prevent dermatitis and communicable diseases such as hepatitis or AIDS, certain minimum standards must be strictly adhered to by the tattoo artist. These include wearing disposable gloves, using disposable parts on the machine, and disinfecting the immediate work area. If you have doubts, you should look for another studio!

Author: Dr. med. Monika Steiner