How do I take care of my new tattoo?

The right aftercare of the freshly tattooed tattoo is very important, so that the affected skin heals well and does not become inflamed. Nursing neglect can also ruin the aesthetic outcome and result in complicated later corrections.

Please note the following:

Sterile dressing or foil of great importance

Immediately after the session, the tattooist supplies the tattoo with a sterile bandage or a special foil. This protects the fresh wound from sticking and friction through clothing and above all from dirt.

Depending on the material, the film should be removed carefully after about 3-4 hours, the dressing usually only the Next day. In order to remove the formed wound water, you should then clean the wound with lukewarm water and mild, antibacterial soap or pH-neutral washing lotion. Please do not use washcloths, just use your hands! Then rinse the skin with cool water and dab lightly with a lint-free cloth such as a kitchen roll.

Then apply a thin layer of Ointment and repeat 2-3 times daily. Suitable here in addition to special tattoo creams especially the panthenol cream. Please do not use petroleum jelly, milking grease or regular skin care cream!

What counts when creaming

What is also important: Do not rub in the cream and do not apply extra thick! Let the skin heal in the first days completely at rest, especially do not scratch and do not touch unnecessarily!

Depending on the location of the tattoo, it may be useful to avoid friction, at least in the first nights again to attach a new slide. During the next few days repeat washing and creaming about 2 times a day.

Similar to a sunburn, the scab layer dissolves after about 4 to 7 days. The shiny, newly formed skin that is visible underneath is still very sensitive and should be creamed regularly until the end of the healing phase and, moreover, should be spared. These included the following precautions:

In the first six weeks with fresh tattoo please note:

  • do not bathe, just take a shower
  • no tight clothing, especially not wool. (In case of bonding, carefully loosen wound with lukewarm water).
  • no sweaty sport and no extreme movements
  • no sunbathing, no solarium
  • and above all: do not scratch! (In case of an unbearable itching, a gentle tapping with the flat hand may help

Author Dr. med. Monika Steiner