At what age does the cataract occur?

A cataract or cataract is any form of lens opacity. This can come for a variety of reasons and in principle at any age. Often the causes remain unknown.

However, one can say that the cataract is more of a disease of older age. Thus, age-typical circulatory disorders can significantly contribute to a reduced supply of the eye lens. And that, in turn, can lead to clouding in the long run. For example, the so-called old-age star, who gradually develops over many years and mostly only after the age of seventeen, leads to noticeable visual disturbances, dominates numerically.

The decisive factor is the word "kann". For compelling is the training of a cataract, even in old age not.

Recognizing creeping impairments

The ophthalmologist can detect the incipient lens opacification, which is estimated to engulf half of the German population between the ages of 52 and 64, with the help of the slit lamp. The conclusions to be drawn from this finding depend on a number of factors. In addition to other medical findings, especially the question of whether you feel impaired by limitations in your eyesight in your quality of life. It may also be the first time you become aware of the diagnosis that there are certain impairments that you have not previously associated with your eyes.

At any rate, it does not hurt to know how the cataract manifests itself. And more importantly: what promotes healthy eyesight even in old age.

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Author: Dr. Hubertus Glaser