Cataract: How well can I see after surgery?

The prospects are in the truest sense of the word good. 90% of the operated patients have significantly better eyesight after the procedure. The view is again largely clear, sharper and more contrasty, the colors shine again, the overall optical quality is improved.

Without glasses it usually does not work

In some cases, even wearing glasses is unnecessary. In most cases, however, additional eyeglass correction is required. This is because the artificial lens can not adapt to different distances as well as its natural role model. Meanwhile, with the different types of lenses and the modern manufacturing process art lenses are available, which achieve a much better eyesight than was previously the case.

Of course, this always depends on the initial situation and your individual requirements and wishes. For this a good ophthalmological consultation in advance is necessary. It is worth it if you inform yourself comprehensively about the various possibilities and then make your own decision. This also applies to the question of the cost and how much of it your health insurance company assumes.

Author: Dr. Hubertus Glaser