Herbal medicines for cystitis

Can you treat cystitis with herbal medication?

Yes. It is true that the European guidelines on bladder infections generally recommend antibiotic therapy. However, many urinary tract infections disappear within a few days without antibiotics. Herbal medications can both relieve the symptoms and promote the healing process. Also as a complementary and concomitant treatment for antibiotics are herbal drugs into consideration.

Various effects of herbal medicines

Herbal medication - cystitis - urinary tract infectionThe medicinal plants that are used in cystitis have partially anti-inflammatory, sometimes diuretic, so water-dripping. Both effects can effectively reduce the symptoms of cystitis.

There are also herbal ingredients that can kill bacteria directly or inhibit growth. And some medicinal plants also have a relaxing effect on the bladder muscles and thus relieve the often painful cramping of the bladder when urinating. More information can be found in the other contributions to the herbal treatment.

However, it is important for a herbal therapy not to rely on it alone in more difficult cases. If a bladder infection persists for more than three days, or if more severe symptoms such as fever or back pain occur, antibiotic therapy may be necessary. Also, because of the possible risk to the kidneys, you should definitely consult a doctor.

Author:Dr. med. Jörg Zorn