Suicidality in borderline

Does a person with borderline, who announces a suicide, really kill himself? Are there possible warning signs that indicate a threat of suicide? Answers to these important questions can be found here.

Suicidality in borderline: Are there any warning signals?

The risk of suicidality is significantly increased in people with borderline disorder. This is partly due to the personality disorder itself, but also to additional depressive moods that afflict sufferers over and over again.

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Are threats of suicide to be taken seriously by borderliners?

Yes! The expression of suicidal thoughts is to be taken seriously and not only in the case of a borderline personality. But that does not mean that you should panic about the topic of suicide every time. Because not every statement must be associated with acute suicidal intentions.

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Borderline: Could a separation trigger a suicide attempt?

Since people with borderline are very afraid of being abandoned, the fear of attempting suicide after separation is not that farfetched. It requires sensitivity in dealing with the person concerned to assess the situation correctly, but also the courage to make the necessary decisions.

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