How long does it take after taking a tissue sample (biopsy) until the result is available?

Unfortunately often several days. Sometimes even longer. As a rule, the extracted tissue must be sent to a special laboratory, so it comes to this nerve-wracking wait.

The fact that the tissue samples are no longer simply examined under the microscope in the adjoining room is due to the fact that apart from the microscopic examination, biochemical and molecular genetic special procedures are usually used today in order to be able to assess the suspicious tissue as precisely as possible.

For the affected women, however, this gain in diagnostic accuracy often means an extremely unpleasant waiting time. But you can not really change that much. But tell your doctor that he should do the laboratory diagnostics "urgently". Sometimes this at least prevents him or her from having the findings lying around for days at a time.

Author:, February 2012

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1 Friday the 1st of September 2017 at 08:07
Hildegard Cukulu
On 25.7.17 I had a biopsy done to my gynecologist and until today, the 1.9.17, there is supposedly no result. I wonder if that can be true.