I have been diagnosed with microcalcifications in the chest. What does that mean?

First of all, calcifications are not malicious. In so-called microcalcifications in the breast are often benign, "calcareous" changes in the glandular tissue.

However, microcalcifications can also occur as a concomitant of malignant tumors. If you have been examined by a breast cancer specialist, he will know if follow-up is necessary. If you have doubts here, you may prefer to get a second opinion. If the calcifications are classified as suspicious, a sampling under X-ray control is performed, which then brings final clarity.


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Microcalcification in the chest
1 Wednesday, the 06th of January 2016 at 15:28
dole buck
Because of the calcification, I have to go back to mammography every half year because my gynecologist says that calcification is a precursor to cancer. That scares me.