What is a papilloma in the breast?

Papilloma is a benign breast tumor. As it grows in the area of ​​the milk ducts, it is often expressed at the beginning by a liquid secretion from the nipple. If you find this out with you, you should always go to a gynecologist and have it clarified.

Although the papilloma itself is harmless, it carries with it a certain risk that it will develop into a malignant tumor. Then it is removed in a small procedure.

Although fluid secretions from the nipple have usually a harmless cause (in addition to the papillomas in pregnancies, breastfeeding or hormone intake heaped), in rare cases can hide behind but also breast cancer. Therefore always be careful to be careful. Because in the case of the case, the earlier you intervene, the greater the chances of complete healing.

Author:Dr. med. Jörg Zorn