What is the so-called five-year survival rate for breast cancer?

Considering all women with breast cancer, regardless of age and stage of disease together, about 85% of all affected women live five years after the diagnosis. This value is called the relative five-year survival.

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We know you have this question, so here's the answer. However, the caution is to be enjoyed. Of course, the prognosis depends very much on the stage at which the tumor is located. After all, the value shows that breast cancer does not automatically mean that you will definitely die soon. On the contrary, many women do not die at all from their breast cancer.

What influences the prognosis?

Important factors that influence healing rates and chances of survival include:

  • Size of the tumor
  • Spread of the tumor (e.g., restricted to mammary gland or transiting into skin and muscle tissue)
  • cell type
    • for example, there are hormone-sensitive tumor cells and those that do not respond to hormones
    • In addition, there are tumor cells with certain biomarkers, which indicate more or less aggressiveness (and at the same time suggest certain types of therapy as with antibodies).
  • Infestation of the adjacent lymph nodes (if so, how many?)
  • Distant metastases

The good news: Overall, the survival rates have improved continuously in recent years.

Author: Dr. med. Jörg Zorn