How is dementia often expressed at the beginning?

Dementia and Alzheimer's diseaseThe first signs of dementia often start so slowly that even their closest relatives do not notice them for a long time. Or they are noticed, but not recognized as what they are.

These misconceptions are also related to the fact that it is not necessarily always memory disorders that attract attention at the beginning. Often a first indication is rather a certain lack of energy and energy.

Those affected are less and less interested in new things, are becoming impoverished and are increasingly retreating.

The victims often try not to show their problems

Although the first impairments of short-term memory are already noticeable, they are less obvious or masked because they are embarrassing (without them knowing what it is). A typical sign is also a slight confusion. "The Airborne Professor" ... Things and tasks of everyday life are confused, work just begun or sentences suddenly interrupted.

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Of course, if you notice these signs to your loved ones, it's not easy to talk about them. But maybe you can persuade them to a "routine check-up" at the doctor. And ask the doctor to pay attention. For early treatment can significantly influence the course.

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Author: Dr. med. Jörg Zorn

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