Can a dementia regress?

That depends on the cause of the dementia. In Alzheimer's dementia regression is not possible. However, the progression of the disease can at least be slowed down by the treatment.

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It is different when dementia, e.g. caused by a stroke, an infection or a lack of nutrients - so if reparable damage to the brain tissue is the cause. Then, after treatment and resolution of the causative disease, a regression of dementia is possible.

Source: Alzheimer Research Initiative

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1 Saturday, May 13, 2017 at 18:01
Behling Silvia
My husband (71) has undergone 3 x head surgery for hydrocephalus. He has been shunted. It came to hematoma, so he had to undergo surgery several times. Now he has an advanced dementia. He can not remember anything and is not able to master everyday things. I have now applied for a nursing degree. I am totally broke because it is a 24 hour job. In addition, I had breast cancer and am not fit myself. Will the dementia regress?