What are the symptoms of type 2 diabetes in the early stages?

The beginning of aType 2 diabetes is often uncharacteristic. Since the metabolic disorder slowly builds up, many sufferers at the beginning often so unclear and sometimes even so little complaints that they do not suspect for years of their disease. This is especially dangerous because the high blood sugar can cause damage even in this time.

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So it is all the more important to correctly interpret early symptoms.

Typical signs / symptoms of type 2 diabetes are:

  • Performance drop and fatigue
  • fatigue
  • blurred vision
  • increased susceptibility to infection (e.g., bladder infections or respiratory infections)
  • inexplicable weight loss (but rather the exception)
  • increased thirst (only with high blood sugar)
  • frequent urination (only with high blood sugar)
  • badly healing wounds
  • itching
  • dizziness

None of these symptoms must be mandatory. Real clarity brings only the blood sugar test at the doctor.

Author:Dr. med. Jörg Zorn

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Comments (2)
early detection
2 Monday, 01 May 2017 07:35
Susanne Koepp
My indication that something was wrong was the fact that I often felt hypoglycemic, but two doctors did not take it seriously. Only blood glucose measurements in the pharmacy showed that apparently a diabetes had to be present. Maybe you should rather make an OGTT!
Type 2 diabetes
1 Thursday, 11th August 2016 at 14:03
BAHR Hans-Jürgen
My experience was sudden weight loss of 35 pounds in 4 weeks. Have changed the diet: no ready meals, no Kotzburger, frozen food, mafia tarts and doner kebab. Cook everything fresh. Have been for 1 year always between 90-105, if I measure myself.
Gruß, a former diabetes type 2, Hans.