What are normal blood glucose levels?

The blood sugar level is normally between 70 and 100 mg / dl. Some experts define the standard values ​​even more narrowly, namely at 80-100 mg / dl. Sometimes the blood Glucose levels are also given in another measure, then they are normally between 3.9 and 5.5 mmol / l. Confusing, but unfortunately it is.

Uniquely high blood sugar is not proof of diabetes

Blood sugar levels Blutzuckertwert

If the blood glucose value in a single measurement times above the normal values, this is not a sure proof of diabetes. Only with repeated measurements above the normal range or once, extremely strongly increased values ​​the diagnosis diabetes is almost guaranteed.

Measure blood glucose levels

Overall, it is worthwhile to have his blood glucose levels determined regularly. After all, diabetes can show virtually no symptoms for a long time, but it can still cause damage.

That's why early detection is so important. And even if the diagnosis of diabetes is perhaps initially scary: The disease can be treated very well and is now not nearly as restrictive as many believe.

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Our Top 10 Tips for Type 2 Diabetes

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By the way, the term "fasting blood sugar" is to be taken very seriously in the case of planned measurements: Anyone who "secretly" eats something before the blood sugar determination makes himself possibly sicker than he is. Because even in people without diabetes, the blood sugar rises sharply after a meal (up to 160 mg / dl). The doctor can then fool himself and falsely suspect a diabetes disorder.

Author: Dr. med. Jörg Zorn

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