At what blood sugar levels is diabetes available?

The blood Glucose level is usually between 3.9 and 5.5 mmol / l (or milligrams: 70-99 mg / dl). Blood sugar levels above this standard are called hyperglycemia and are at least suspected of diabetes.

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Blood sugar levels: criteria for diabetes mellitus

A once measured too high blood sugar value is therefore no proof of the existence of diabetes. There are too many disturbances that can falsify the result.

However, the diagnosis of diabetes is almost certain only with repeated measurements above this normal range or with unique, extremely high values. The suspected diabetes is also confirmed by typical symptoms of diabetes and increased blood glucose long-term (HbA1c).

When is the blood sugar value too high?

According to most official guidelines (see also Wikipedia), diabetes mellitus is present if one of the following criteria is met:

  • Fasting blood sugar ≥ 7 mmol / l (126 mg / dl)
  • Blood sugar ≥ 11.2 mmol / l (200 mg / dl) two hours after the administration of 75 g glucose (oral glucose tolerance testoGTT)
  • Blood sugar ≥ 11.2 mmol / l (200 mg / dl) and other signs of diabetes, such as severe thirst and frequent urination or unexplained weight loss.

Blood sugar table: When does one have diabetesWhat is important, by the way: "sober" means "sober". If you eat something before taking blood, you can double your blood sugar value at short notice. If the doctor does not know that and you have forgotten it, do not talk to him about diabetes, but about a phantom. That's another reason for the repeat measurements.

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Author:Dr. med. Jörg Zorn