How is a cold treated?

Despite the fantastic possibilities of modern medicine in other fields, the doctor is largely powerless with a banal cold. This is similar to the moon flight and the cling film, which almost never breaks down in the 21st century: the easier, the more difficult.

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However, the cold also heals by itself, with or without a doctor, there are usually no abbreviations. But as a parent, you are all the more in need of giving relief to your suffering child - or to ensure a health-promoting behavior, even if your offspring actually does not feel like sickness at all.

The three golden rules

The possibilities of parental care are diverse, the principles of reasonable dealing with a common cold manageable. Even if a cold is usually not a cause for concern, you should not ignore the disease, so as not to unnecessarily increase the risk of complications. Rather, give your child the necessary or simply beneficial benefit.

The greatly shortened treatment instruction is:

  • physical conservation
  • a lot of liquid (preferably as hot tea) and fresh air (warm packed)
  • if necessary, inhalation to aid the mucus solution


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Hot tea
1 Tuesday, 03. February 2015 at 18:36
No, no hot drinks! Drinks should be cooler than 37C °, says my doctor. Also no hot inhalation.