Tips: What helps with getting pregnant?

Unfortunately, there are few things that are proven to bring benefits to child-minded couples. These include smoking rejection and weight normalization. That's why we put them at the top of this list.

  • Smoking cessation:also applies to the partner. Smoking can u.a. lead to cycle disturbances and reduced sperm quality.
  • Mass: Both overweight and underweight can have a fertility-reducing effect.
  • To plan: The desire to have children should not be pushed too far back. Withincreasing age the chances decrease and the risks increase.
  • Knowledge: Determine your fertile days as accurately as possible. Make sure that the actual sexual behavior actually leads to vaginal ejaculation, which allows a later meeting of egg and sperm cells.
  • Good timing:can be very helpful. But do not go too technocratic and keep yourself passion, spontaneity and lust for sex.
  • Serenity: Do not let anyone put pressure on you, not even by yourself!
  • Stress reduction: Because physical or psychological stress can reduce fertility. And how do you recognize that you are stressed?
  • Much sleep!
  • Little coffee: Caffeine is said to worsen fertility.
  • Balanced nutrition: also with the partner! Especially good for sperm quality are vitamins B, C and E as well as zinc and selenium.
  • folic acid: 0.4 mg daily. For the supply of supplies are suitable, e.g. green leafy vegetables, lentils, broccoli, liver, hard-boiled eggs orFolic acid preparations in tablets.
  • Sports:Light and regularly operated, physical activity stimulates the circulation, reduces stress and increases fertility.
  • Alcohol abstinence: but at least avoid excessive consumption of alcohol (which is especially true for the failure-prone phase between fertilization and implantation of the oocyte into the uterine lining).
  • Early investigation: to possible venereal diseases, which often go unnoticed and can lead to infertility.
  • Disclaimer: on substances with sperm-inhibiting action (e.g., lubricants and intimate care products).
  • Chaste Tree (Keuschlamm): popular herbal preparation, serves u.a. for cycle regulation.Chasteberry preparations can be found here
  • Contact your gynecologistif you get the feeling that you can not get pregnant. Generally, it is recommended to allow at least 1 year for the onset of natural conception.

desire for children - couples

Which factors influence fertility?

In addition to the age (especially in women) and individual diseases, influences from work, lifestyle, diet and the environment can affect the fertility of a couple. Common factors include:

  • the right time
  • the biological clock
  • nicotine
  • alcohol
  • Diet and weight
  • environmental influences
  • Stress including "procreation stress"
  • physical (and competitive) and mental stress

Another extra tip on nutrition: If you often pass all recommendations in everyday life (pizza, burgers & co.), So do not eat 100% healthy and balanced, we recommend a specialHealth juicewhose effect has been scientifically proven. One spoon per day covers all important nutrients and phytochemicals, one bottle will last for about 50 days. No guarantee for getting pregnant, but healthy anyway.

Author:Dr. Hubertus Glaser

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