How do pregnancy bleeding differ in appearance?

If bleeding occurs during pregnancy, it may be a harmless event or an urgent warning. In the early pregnancy outweigh the harmless causes, in the last trimester of pregnancy, a bleeding is always to take in principle.

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In order to get an idea of ​​yourself and / or help the doctor with the diagnosis, it makes sense that you assess the bleeding according to their appearance:

  • mild spotting: Although often harmless, but clarification is recommended to exclude serious causes for sure.
  • bright red, heavy bleeding (strength corresponds to the usual menstrual period): at any time of pregnancy a reason to go to hospital immediately.
  • dark, brown bleeding: Presumably it is "old blood", possibly also mucus admixtures with it. Often weaker than a (weak) menstrual period. Clarification required, though not as urgent as severe, light red bleeding.
  • Bleeding in combination with pain: Reason to be immediately taken to a clinic to rule out a threatened miscarriage or an existing ectopic pregnancy.

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Author: Dr. Hubertus Glaser

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