What does a pregnancy mean for the soul?

Pregnancy - soul - feelingsFor most mothers (and more and more fathers), the moment they first hold their child in their hands is the epitome of happiness. Or at least one of the few events that come to mind immediately when the happiness is asked. Being a parent means a turning point in life.

A conflict of different emotions is quite normal - joy, pride and happiness alternate with uncertainty, doubts, stress or even fears.

Especially the mother feels the changes intensively

Especially for the mother offers at the beginning of her pregnancy an incomparable opportunity to listen in and to perceive physical and emotional changes. Many pregnant women today value naturalness, are more critical and are health-conscious. And numerous partnerships seek to track their own powers and consciously cultivate them, creating a rhythmic way of life and a harmonious environment that supports the expectant family. That's a good thing - and a role model for men and women in all phases of their lives.

Our 10 most important pregnancy tips

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The medicine is ready with all its progressiveness, if there should be problems. However, normal pregnancy of a healthy woman does not require any medical intervention, because it is neither a disease nor a crisis. However, good advice is always helpful, whether it is about health or illness - and we would like to convey this to you. In this spirit, we wish you all the best for your pregnancy and for a happy and healthy family life!

Author: Dr. Hubertus Glaser

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