Development of the child: what is "normal"?

With regard to the developmental data of a child, the concept of normality, as in the case of growth in size and weight development, is a purely statistical concept of norm: "normal" is the time at which most children make a certain developmental step.

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This then scales and rasters can form that have a certain orientation value for the pediatrician and for you as a parent. But that does not mean that a child who is later on one or more points is abnormal. Of course, there are rarely even real developmental delays that you have to pursue. But much more often, there is nothing wrong with it if your child reaches a certain stage of development later than "normal".

There are countless examples of such norm variants, such as children who virtually skip crawling (and cause great anxiety in their parents at this stage) and then suddenly get up and walk like a one. The rule of thumb is: look carefully to see if there is a real problem but stay calm from the basics and do not rush into unnecessary worries.


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