How do I recognize a growth spurt in my baby?

Your baby is constantly growing, which you can check by regular weighing. From time to time, however, there are literal jumps of a physical and mental nature, most of which occur simultaneously. And there are typical signs.

Growth spurt in the babyNerve growth plays an important role in the development of new abilities. For the child, this is sometimes an unpleasant and confusing process, and so it is: It is suddenly whining, whining and exhausting than usual. The baby sleeps worse, seeks more body contact, wants to be constantly worn and his caregiver always in the Have close.

Growth spurt: most of the appetite also increases

Sometimes the babies eat less, but most of the time the hunger gets bigger and it seems that the baby can not get enough. By applying more often, the nursing mother can usually adjust her milk production to the increased demand these days.

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During the push you should stay as calm as possible, turn to your troubled child and give him as much closeness and security as it needs. When the growth spurt is over after about a week, the little ones feel more balanced, start trying their new skills, and sleep better again. Then the parents can relax too.

How long does a growth spurt in a baby last?

A growth spurt in babyhood begins as suddenly as it ends. It usually lasts about a week in each case, from the 5th month also several weeks. So stay calm - it's all over, also a thrust of growth for child and parents.

Author:Dr. Hubertus Glaser

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