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Erectile dysfunction: the main questions and answers

Keyword Viagra: The erectile dysfunction is a prime example of how the pharmaceutical industry can change the public and private consciousness landscape with a drug and the associated advertising campaigns.

Erectile dysfunction becomes an acceptable topic

Who, outside the professional circles, could have done something with the "erectile dysfunction" before the market conquest by Viagra? Meanwhile, not only this medical term is common to larger parts of the population. The problem of erection has thus become an acceptable subject in the first place. This is certainly desirable from the point of view of those affected. A positive side effect of the billion dollar business that was and is being made with this blockbuster drug and a few second-hand competitor products. As a drug and as a "lifestyle drug".

Viagra & Co: erectile ability is strengthened and prolonged, but not produced

PDE-5 inhibitors, as an epitome for the drugs of the Viagra type, have their justification. Because they can actually increase the potency, ie the erection ability of the penis, and, above all, extend it. The limb stiffness is effected mechanically by the filling of the penile erectile tissue with blood. So it needs a good circulation.

The PDE-5 inhibitors block an enzyme that causes the degradation of a vasodilator substance to reduce the blood flow and thus for the relaxation of the limb. Viagra & Co can therefore help if an erection is possible in principle, but for psychological reasons or because of mild organic problems such as circulatory disorders too weak or too short fails. The former is especially the case with younger men, the latter especially with the older ones.

Wide spread of potency problems

Since the launch of Viagra, it is also known how widespread erectile dysfunction is. An estimated one in two men over the age of 40 is at least temporarily affected. Reliable numbers do not exist. But even if one deducts business exaggerations, it remains from a population-medical point of view with a relevant problem. For the real sufferer anyway.

Speech helps - reduce pressure

The first step in solving the problem is to tackle it. And that brings us to the good news. The cure for erectile dysfunction is usually good. Frequently speaking alone about the stressful situation brings something - namely pressure reduction. Be it with the partner or the doctor.

At home, instead of having a problem talk, you can first try sexual contact, in which you deliberately and in consultation with your partner do without the "intrusion". This relieves the pressure and often after a few cuddly nights, sometimes faster, again the desired intercourse. The prerequisite for this, of course, is that there are no organic causes behind the lack of erectile function.

Basic diagnostics and more specialized examination procedures

This can be clarified primarily with the urologist. The basic diagnosis consists of a detailed survey of your situation including the history and any medication. Because different medicines, such as Beta blockers have also included a power loss in their side effects profile. In addition to the medical consultation, a thorough physical examination and a blood test are always carried out to determine various laboratory values.

If necessary, more specialized examination procedures are also used. For example, a review of the unconscious erection process during sleep, which can be carried out with a measuring system at home. Or the cavernous injection test (SKIT), in which a male sex hormone is injected into the penis area and the reaction is assessed. It is also possible that ultrasound or X-ray examinations of the pelvic area are performed, i.a. to represent the blood flow in the testicles and penis area. In addition, neurological and neurological methods can be used to investigate nerve and muscle activities in this area and clarify or exclude related causes. For example, in the suspicion that in diabetes the nerve conduction could be impaired (diabetic polyneuropathy).

Common organic causes: arterioslerosis and diabetes mellitus

With age, organic diseases become increasingly common as a trigger for erectile dysfunction. In more than half of the cases, blood vessel diseases (33%, mainly arteriosclerosis) or diabetes mellitus (25%) are the cause of the potency problem. Only rarely is a testosterone deficiency or another hormone disorder to blame.

Extensive therapy arsenal

The therapeutic arsenal, depending on the cause and the individual situation, offers a variety of medications such as cavernous auto-injection therapy (SKAT), psychotherapy and a few specialized treatments. These include, for example, the vacuum pump, the penis ring, the penile prosthesis and surgical interventions, for example in the case of certain vascular injuries or to prevent the penile vein in cases of increased venous drainage.

First the penis, then the heart: pay attention to your health!

Regardless of the overall good results for the restoration of erectile function should be remembered: Arteriosclerosis, ie a vasoconstriction of the arteries, is one of the main causes of misery in old age. And thus often a harbinger of cardiovascular disease and a heart attack. The treatment and healing efforts in this case should therefore revolve around more than just the male "steadfastness". For in the heart, the disturbed blood circulation in the long run is even more serious than on the penis.

In a positive converse, this means: A health-promoting lifestyle with low-cost diet (lots of fruits and vegetables, more fiber, less meat, you know ...), drug renouncement (nicotine, alcohol, you know ...) and sufficient exercise (...) is also the Benefit man's best piece. Somewhat sloppy: Some problems can happily run away and eat away. This is now also scientifically proven in some ways.

Author: Dr. Hubertus Glaser