Can the skin also produce vitamin D in winter?

It's difficult in our latitudes. Crucial for the human photosynthesis process for the formation of vitamin D is precisely the otherwise so dreaded UVB content of solar radiation. Therefore, the position of the sun or the light intensity play an important role - the higher, the better.

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In winter, however, in this country, the sun is so flat all day that the UVA portion of the sunlight outweighs. Although outdoor activities are still beneficial to health, they are not enough for vitamin D production.

With sufficient sunbathing in the summer (with Sonnenbrandvermeidung!) Fill your memory in the fatty tissue with vitamin D3. If you also look at the diet on suitable, vitamin D-containing foods, you should come through the winter unscathed. If doubts about an optimal supply of the sun vitamin are appropriate (as allegedly in 60% of the German population), dietary supplements are available for the targeted vitamin intake.

Author: Dr. Hubertus Glaser