10 tips against hemorrhoids

My personal recommendations against enlarged hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids - Which doctor? - Severity - Hemorrhoids - Severity - Which Doctor? How do you get rid of hemorrhoids? Or how do you at least get that they do not get bigger or worse?

In advanced hemorrhoidal nodules, it is almost impossible to get around a small surgical procedure, for example with a sclerotherapy or with a rubber band.

But you can also help a lot to prevent the hemorrhoids from enlarging or returning after surgery.

The following tips and suggestions summarize what I think are the most important things.

  • 1. If you think you have hemorrhoidsFor example, because there was some blood on the toilet paper: Please go to the doctor. The tendency, just wait and see, is understandable, because who likes to be examined at the Po. But that does not solve the problem. And hemorrhoids are just in theearly phase easy to treat - and then even without surgical intervention.
  • 2. Move as much as possible. Regular sport is perfect, but also the daily walk or climbing stairs instead of driving a lift are valuable. Because hemorrhoids knots thrive especially in low movement.
  • 3. If you have a lot of work to do: Get up as often as possible in between. Even in the evening from the sofa. Because frequent sitting promotes the development of Hämorrhoidalleidens.
  • 4. Eat high in fiber.So a lot of whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Because fiber is the best remedy for constipation. And of all kinds of hemorrhoid causes, constipation is the most common. Because you have to press so hard during bowel movements. Rather unfavorable in this context are all white flour products, too much meat, generally fatty foods and even chocolate.
  • 5. But: Do not use laxatives.Although they can eliminate the constipation, but in the long run also harmful. Because the then very thin becoming chair degenerates the sphincter at the anus, which in turn promotes the development of hemorrhoids knots. So neither too thick nor too thin chair, is the motto.
  • 6. If you are overweight: Try to lose weight. Obesity is one of the factors that favors hemorrhoids. We often recommend a special one in this contextHealth juice, It covers all vital nutrients with one spoon per day - while at the same time reducing the appetite for food. The effectiveness has been scientifically proven. A bottle is enough for about 50 days.
  • 7. Generally allow time for a bowel movement. If you are in a hurry, you automatically squeeze and squeeze more - and this promotes the development of hemorrhoids.
  • 8. Be cautious with cortisone ointments.In the short term, the anti-inflammatory effects are very effective in relieving discomfort and are okay. Applied too long (more than a few days), they increase the risk of fungal infections and the like due to their immunocompromising effect.
  • 9. Herbal remedies also help against the itching for example with witch hazel. It does not necessarily have to be cortisone.Take a look here ...
  • 10. Maintain your anal area after bowel movements, and as gently as possible. Avoid rubbing too hard with the toilet paper, but be careful, preferably with soft paper. Then it's better to gently clean your butt with a lukewarm damp cloth. But please do not use alcohol or perfume-containing wipes. At the end dab the area carefully. The gentle care is important so that no inflammation and the already painful anal region is not further irritated.

Author: Dr. med. Jörg Zorn