To which doctor do you go with hemorrhoids?

It is in the nature of things that with hemorrhoids, or what you believe, it is best not to go to a doctor at all. Who likes to talk about problems at the anus outlet, not to mention the threatening investigations. But you already guessed it, that's wrong.

Hemorrhoids - Which doctor? - Severity - Hemorrhoids - Severity - Which Doctor? First of all, the diagnostic measures and treatment for hemorrhoids are much more harmless than most people think; secondly, they are better than hemorrhoids that worsen for months to years.

But now to the answer to the question: start with the family doctor. If he is good, he will see hemorrhoids without any problems, and if he is still good at that, he will know when to therapeutically take care of himself and when to better refer him to a specialist. These specialists are called coloproctologists or even proctologists and are specialized in the butt (procto) or even on the colon (colo).

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Treatment of hemorrhoids: turf wars between doctors

Their qualification is beyond question, after all, this is their field of expertise. But since every doctor's group in Germany has its lobbyist federation, which fights for the rights of the respective specialist group (the rivalries between family doctor association and Internisten federation are partly shameful, but also only one example of many), becomes the professional association of the Coloproktologen of Germany never tired of adding that you should go to the specialist early on. Say: to the coloproctologists.

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Who knows what else the family doctor is screwing up. In 95% of cases, that's nonsense, because a family doctor knows very well when to transfer. But of course there are black sheep here too. And always it's about money. Because who treats, settles.

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Author: Dr. med. Jörg Zorn

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Hemorrhoids and Crohn's disease
3 Sunday, 07. August 2016 at 21:56
Walle Claudia
Have Crohn's disease and also hemorrhoids. It's so bad now that I can barely sit, lie or squat. Due to the diarrhea, I have to use the toilet 5-9 times a day, even at night. It burns, it stings, it beats, it just hurts animal-like and it is in some blood with it. Have already tried a lot, it seems to make it worse, need help.
Guide "Never again hemorrhoids"
2 Monday, 02 May 2016 00:07
Julia Wolff
I got my hemos during and after the SS - my husband after a long time with digestive problems. It is true that digestion has a great deal to do with it, but there are also important things that you just need to know ... flaws, or principles that may favor hemorrhoids, and natural treatments for quick relief. A good guide I recommend is Pascal Linder's "Never Again Hemorrhoids" with the 2-1-H formula because it is holistic and looks simple.
Prevent hemorrhoids
1 Friday, the 5th of February 2016 at 19:52
Hello everybody,
Having hemorrhoids is not really a nice topic to discuss with anyone. And I can very well feel that this topic even with a doctor visit difficult. Of course, a doctor with whom you have a good and trusting relationship is a good thing. To acutely counteract the hemorrhoids, I can recommend the Hoca toilet stool. If you use the Hoca, then you sit on the toilet in a squat and you do not have to press while doing urgent business. The right position in the toilet helped a lot and my pain could be alleviated. VG