What does the Quick value say?

The Quick value is a measure of the function of various coagulation factors involved in blood clotting. The Quick value is also called Thromboplastinzeit (TPZ).

The coagulation factors tested in this test are produced with the help of vitamin K in the liver. Thus, the Quick value reveals coagulation disorders whose mechanism of action is based on vitamin K inhibition. In addition, an anticoagulant treatment with coumarin derivatives can be checked.

Quick value of 70-100% is normal

The Quick value is determined by adding coagulation factors to the blood and then determining the time to coagulate. The comparison is normal blood without clotting factors. The indication of the Quick value is in percent. A quick value of 20% means that the clotting activity is only 20% or one fifth that of a healthy.

The normal values ​​of the Quick value are in the range of 70-120%. When treated with the anticoagulant coumarin derivatives, the Quick value drops to levels between 15-36%.

Author: Dr. med. Julia Hofmann