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Here you will find questions and answers about coronary heart disease (CHD). From the origin over the signs to the treatment.

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  • Basics of coronary heart disease (3 contributions)

    How does an arteriosclerosis come about? And what does a narrowing of the coronary arteries mean? That's why this chapter is about the basics.

  • Causes & risk (10 posts)

    How does it come to constricted coronary vessels? Which factors increase the risk? That's why this chapter is about risks and causes.

  • prevention (13 posts)

    How do you ensure a good heart circulation? And how do you protect yourself from coronary heart disease? That's what prevention is all about in this chapter.

  • Symptoms and complaints (5 contributions)

    How do you recognize that the heart is badly supplied with blood? What are the first signs of an impending heart attack? The typical symptoms of coronary heart disease are discussed in this chapter.

  • Diagnostics & Examinations (14 contributions)

    How to diagnose a circulatory disorder in the heart? Are there other exams besides stress ECG? More about this in this chapter on diagnostics.

  • Cardiac catheter examination (12 contributions)

    How dangerous is a cardiac catheter exam? And how does it go? That's what this chapter is about.

  • beta blocker (1 post)

    What is the effect of beta-blockers on the heart? How can they influence the blood circulation? That's what this chapter is about, which is being further developed.

  • KHK: Surgical treatment (2 contributions)

    How can surgically dilated cardiovascular vessels be expanded? What is a stent? Such questions are discussed in this chapter.

  • Self-help at KHK (2 contributions)

    What can I do myself against constricted heart vessels? How can I protect myself from progression? That's why this chapter is about self-help.

  • Everyday life with KHK (14 contributions)

    What do I have to look out for in everyday life if I have constricted heart vessels? What sport brings and where do I have to be careful? More about everyday life with coronary heart disease in this chapter.

  • Course and prognosis (4 contributions)

    Can bad heart circulation also improve again? What is the risk of a heart attack? That is what the prognosis is all about in this chapter.

  • Worth knowing about angina pectoris (8 contributions)

    What is an angina pectoris? And which forms are there? That is what this introductory chapter is about.

  • Angina: Treatment (3 contributions)

    What can one do against the heartache? How is angina pectoris treated? That's what this chapter is about.

  • Prinzmetal (3 contributions)

    What is Prinzmetal angina? What sets them apart from normal angina? That's what this chapter is about.

  • Tips against CHD and atherosclerosis (1 post)