How does Immunloges support the immune system?

The nutritional supplement immunloges® is a combination of several natural products that have a stimulating effect on the immune system. The three main ingredients come from an alga, a mushroom and from the vine plant.

An immune cocktail

And now a little closer: immunloges® includes:

  • a special extract from the alga Arthrospira platensis (Immunlina®),
  • High-purity beta-glucans from the Japanese Hiratake mushroom (Betox-93®) and
  • the well-known anti-aging substanceresveratrol, extracted from wine shoot tips and supplemented with the immune-relevant vitamins C and E and the trace elements selenium and zinc.

All three components are unique in this form and are therefore protected by the manufacturer's own trademark. In studies, a stimulating effect of the ingredients on the number and efficiency of immune cells could be demonstrated.

Immune stimulation in several ways

The stimulation of the immune system seems to be done in several ways: The highly concentrated extracts of algae and fungus deceive in the intestine a microbe-rich environment. In addition, their active ingredients bind to specific receptors of the immune cells and thus lead to a reaction of the immune system.

The bioactive substances in the algae and in the mushroom extract are in each case polysaccharides, so-called polysaccharides. For the short-term immune stimulus provide those from the alga, for longer-term preservation of those from the fungus.

Resveratrol, Vitamins and trace elements complement the immune cocktail. They act, inter alia, as radical scavengers (catch harmful metabolic products) and as components and activators of important enzymes in the immune metabolism. More about Resveratrol You will find here.

Author: Dr. med. Jörg Zorn