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Who survived his life expectancy the longest?

Man has the biological potential to become 120 years or older. The officially recognized record stands at 122 years, held by a now deceased Frenchwoman. We had that before. However, the usual life expectancy is still significantly lower, in Germany at just over 80 and worldwide at around 67 years.

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Live longer - but how?

An anti-aging variation on long life is: it does not matter howLong one lives, butas you live long. So when you have clarified the question of what for, it goes to the how. And here, the term "anti-aging" is slightly misleading: to act against aging is not only extremely difficult, but above all neither useful nor meaningful. Aging, like death, is part of life; with the abolition of one category, the other would be more or less obsolete.

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Live longer - for what?

According to Adorno, one might ask: "What use is a long life, if you are an idiot?" Adorno used here instead of "long life" the worn-out term of "health", which today in the media from morning to evening followed and drives us from the couch to the gym. Or, if that does not work, at least gives a guilty conscience.

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How old can man become?

A common house number for the maximum human lifespan is about 120 years. This expert opinion is based on empirical data, ie previous observations and experiences. Older than 130 years is - sufficiently well documented - no one has become. In fact, however, a definite age limit for human life has not yet been scientifically proven. Our genes certainly set a certain framework for this, within which environmental influences and our independent lifestyle are significantly influenced.

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