What deficiencies can cause eating disorders?

Starvation, vomiting and medication abuse of diuretics and laxatives can lead to severe deficiency symptoms. The cause not only complaints, but can have life-threatening consequences.

Electrolyte losses dangerous for the heart and kidneys

Lack of essential salts or electrolytes such as saline, potassium and magnesium, the acid-base balance in the blood changes (ph value). Potential consequences of potassium and acid deficiency include cardiac arrhythmias and changes in the electrocardiogram (ECG), which can be dangerous.

Disorders of the acid-base balance also damage the kidneys and can lead to impaired kidney function. However, this malfunction is usually recoverable after normalization of eating behavior. Expression of renal dysfunction is also water retention in the tissue, so-called edema.

Further effects on blood formation, nerves, skin and bones

The lack of vitamins, folic acid and nutrients affects blood formation and nerve conduction. It can lead to anemia (anemia) with tiredness and fatigue as well as to a disease of the nerves (peripheral polyneuropathy).

Skin, hair and fingernails become dry and brittle. The nail shape can change (watch glass nails).

A lack of vitamin D in combination with disorders of the sex hormones, a kidney dysfunction and a Calcium and phosphate deficiency has a negative effect on bone metabolism. The bones become partially porous and brittle (osteoporosis), sometimes too soft (osteomalacia) in case of persistent deficiency states. Serious consequences can be bone fractures - often without apparent cause.


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