Are blood levels altered in anorexia?

Yes, mostly. The lack of nutrients can lead to different changes in blood levels in people with anorexia. Thus, different blood cells can be reduced (platelets, leukocytes). But hemoglobin, the iron-containing complex that gives its name to red blood cells, can also be diminished by iron deficiency. This can manifest itself in the form of anemia.

Other frequently altered blood values:

  • Hematocrit: these are the solid components of the blood, often diminished
  • the blood lipids: triglycerides, cholesterol & co, often diminished
  • the thyroid hormones (often degraded)
  • the proteins in the blood (total protein diminished)
  • blood sugar (low blood sugar)
  • calcium
  • Potassium (diminished)
  • phosphorus
  • Liver values ​​(GOT, GPT).