10 tips for Crohn's disease

My personal recommendations for those affected

There are no standard recommendations for Crohn's disease that are always valid for everyone. However, this disease is too different from person to person, and the course too heterogeneous.

But there are still things that help at least most people with Crohn's disease. We have summarized 10 of these tips below for you.

My 10 personal tips

  • 1. Do not create a doomsday atmosphere. At least not for longer. Of course, the diagnosis "Crohn's disease" is initially a shock because the disease is not curable. But she is not life threatening either. With adequate treatment, life expectancy is not limited. It is true that with the discomfort and limitations that Crohn's disease can bring with it in everyday life (it does not have to come with it), it is not always easy to cope. But most of the time, this is therapeutically easy to pin down, and over the years, the symptoms of the majority of sufferers from sound. Do not let go, stay a happy person!
  • 2. Decide with the drug choice. Crohn's disease in both acute and relapsing prophylaxis treated with immune blockers such as cortisone or even stronger substances. All of these drugs have their own individual effects. The side effects also vary from person to person. So there is no magic recipe, you just have to try a few things. You should not make yourself the order recipient of the doctor, but rather make self-determined decisions with him together.
  • 3. Get used to smoking.If you are a smoker at all. It has been proven that smoking can adversely affect the course of the disease and lead to increased relapses. This is not always the case, but it certainly makes more sense to play it safe here.Good tips for "quit smoking" can be found here.
  • 4. Drink and minerals in case of diarrhea. If you are suffering from severe diarrhea, do not forget the most important countermeasure: drink a lot. Especially when you're on the road, you should not neglect that. Also, the supply of minerals is important in case of persistent diarrhea, e.g. with electrolyte solutions.
  • 5. Sport and exercise have a therapeutic effect. It has not yet been definitively proven, but smaller studies indicate that regular exercise can reduce the risk of relapses. No wonder, after all, movement also stabilizes the immune system. It is not about extreme sports, walking, cycling or Nordic walking do it.
  • 6. No ibuprofen, diclofenac or aspirin for pain. Painkillers from the group ofNSAIDs like ibuprofen, diclofenac or aspirin, you should avoid Crohn's disease. Even with a normal headache. Because in individual cases, these drugs can trigger a boost or at least favor. More suitable in Crohn's disease e.g. Paracetamol.
  • 7. Pay attention to vital substances. Especially in the acute stages of Crohn's disease, it can be relatively easy for a lack of vital nutrients (vitamins, electrolytes, trace elements). This is bad because it weakens the entire body and thus your resistance to the disease. Our recommendation: Do everything for a balanced diet, and if that does not succeed 100%, you help. A very good tip here is a special oneHealth juice, which covers all vital substances per day with a spoon. With a bottle you can get away with it for 50 days.
  • 8. Alternative medicine: try wisely. Alternative methods for Crohn's disease are largely rejected by conventional doctors. At least their effectiveness is denied. But it is also a fact that orthodox medicine still does not know why Crohn's disease develops in the first place. Actually, all you know is that the immune system goes crazy, and that has something to do with our civilized, clean world. Ergo: Anyone who does not know anything should not be arrogant with other approaches.
    Against a (supplementary) attempt with acupuncture or homeopathy is therefore in our view, nothing wrong. What we also warn against: Do not run after any sow who is driven through the village. Cortisone is not an all-healing bringer, but at least it succeeds in most cases to relieve the symptoms. This is certainly not the case with some dubious alternative methods.
    Among the herbal ingredients have been studied in particular Frankincense and turmeric convinced. This also applies to Omega 3.
  • 9. Acupuncture worth a try. Once again on the subject of alternative medicine. For acupuncture in Crohn's disease, there are now heaped reports that it works.So why not try Chinese medicine? Side effects are not to be feared, the worst thing that can happen is that it does not work. Only a little time you will have to plan.
  • 10. Avoid embarrassment. If you are on the road and use a disabled toilet in case of severe diarrhea in need, or if you occupy the only available toilet more than once, you can join onesimple pendant protect against pleasant questions. It tells you what you have and why you need the toilet more than others.

Author: Dr. med. Jörg Zorn