What are typical symptoms of Crohn's disease?

The most common symptom of Crohn's disease is chronic diarrhea. Chronic means that diarrhea lasts for more than six weeks. Typical side effects are abdominal pain and weight loss.

The cramps and abdominal pain are usually localized in the right lower abdomen, but can also occur in the entire abdominal area. The diarrhea is usually slimy or even watery and often occurs after eating.

Crohn's disease: ultrasound image (small) Crohn's disease: ultrasound image (large)

In contrast to ulcerative colitis especially bloody diarrhea in Crohn's disease are often absent.

Complaints of Crohn's disease: Many feel almost nothing

The extent of these complaints is individually very different and can also vary widely among individuals. There are many people with Crohn's disease who are virtually symptom free for a long time and need no treatment.

In addition, a whole series of other signs of disease may come, which are more a consequence of chronic intestinal inflammation. These include fatigue and fatigue. In case of prolonged illness, sometimes inflammatory skin changes, eye inflammations and joint swelling may develop, but these are usually not complaints of the early phase.

Our 10 most important tips for Crohn's disease

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In children and adolescents, as a result of Crohn's disease, physical development, especially growth, may be delayed.

Authors: Dr. med. Anne-Kristin Schulze &Dr. med. Jörg Zorn

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Comments (7)
Do I have Crohn's disease?
7 Friday, July 13, 2018 at 17:34
I am currently very unsure if something is wrong with my stomach. I've been suffering from diarrhea (which is mostly mushy) for more than a year, spasmodic abdominal pain and flatulence, which are mostly shuddery. At the beginning, I did not think anything of it. Rather, I thought that perhaps I could not tolerate milk. But even when I ate foods in which there was no milk, these relapses appeared. Between the attacks, I usually have up to 2 weeks break, in which I feel healthy. My parents asked me to go to the doctor about it. And the doctor, despite everything, suspected lactose intolerance. But somehow I do not believe that it's just lactose intolerance. Could it be Crohn's disease? Should I get a colonoscopy and further examinations? I am very uncertain about such a thing and would be glad about a little help - or a good advice. Thank you :)
no remote diagnostics possible
6 Wednesday, 08. July 2015 at 06:49
Editor Navigator-Medizin MC
Hello nicole,

We like to answer, but unfortunately we can not really help. Your digestive problems are impossible to judge remotely. It can be an irritable bowel, it can be lactose intolerance (milk sugar is also found in many foods that you would not expect), it can be Crohn's disease, but it can just be the diet.
A serious assessment (and help) can only be provided by a local doctor who has the opportunity to investigate.

Best wishes and greetings
Your navigator medicine team
what's happening?
5 Wednesday, 08. July 2015 00:29
Hello, it would be great if you answer my question too. I have very soft bowel movements or diarrhea almost every time after eating, which puts a great strain on my life.
I already had several bowel movements, in the beginning I had the intestine inflamed and the suspicion was in Crohn's disease. But it could not be confirmed 100%. Then I had a bowel fungus, which a naturopath noted, because no doctor can really help me.
Have never received medication, nothing. I wonder how that works. At night I have peace, but as soon as I wake up, 5 minutes later I have to go to the bathroom. Then after breakfast too, and if I ate too.
What's this? I lose no weight. I'm also overweight. I also have lactose intolerance, but I can eat anything and have diarrhea. What should I do? I do not know how to continue. I have mental problems.PTSD, can that be that I have an irritable bowel? Is that one if I take everything away after every meal? Often my chair is yellow ... thank you, LG, Nicole
Tamaras question about lactose intolerance or Crohn's disease
4 Friday, September 28, 2012 at 09:50
Hello Tamara,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make such a diagnosis based on the symptoms described. In any case, this requires a medical examination.
The indigestion you describe may well be due to lactose intolerance. Also, the bad breath by the way. Where the (if it exists) in 90% of all cases comes from the oral cavity (tartar, Paradontose, food particles in the interdental spaces, occupied tongue).

For safety, go to the doctor!

Greetings and all the best
Jörg Z. (from the navigator team)
Do I have Crohn's disease?
3 Tuesday, 25th of September 2012 at 19:17
Tamara A.M.H.
For me it's true that I once suspected lactose intolerance. We did not check it, as my doctor did not find this necessary because otherwise I would have (if I had it) severe pain. My bowel movement is usually pulpy. Before it comes to the bowel movement, I often have very strong pain in the stomach.
I somehow do not feel alive, also because I believe that I have strong bad breath. I am usually very tired and my immune system is also a bit disturbed. When I get sick, I am very sick, i. always very strong "diseases".

Please help me! Do I have Crohn's disease (and if you know why I have bad breath, I would be happy to have an answer :)!)?

Rather no Crohn's or ulcerative colitis
2 Monday, 13 August 2012 13:04
Hello Lars,

as you describe it, it does not sound like Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. Maybe just "just" the worms? Would be good, because they usually get rid of.
All the best
do i have crohn's disease?
1 Thursday, 09 August 2012 17:37
It all started when I once had blood in my stool. that was the day after taking homeopathic remedies for worms. I also currently have pinworms (again or still). I've had diarrhea since then and it seems reddish to me. He always smells the same. I've already been to the doctor and he said everything is fine, but I do not know if I have been tested for ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease !! What do you say??