Where are sensory disorders most common in multiple sclerosis?

Especially at the onset of multiple sclerosis, sensory disturbances (if they occur) are most common in the hands, feet and lower legs.

But what do you have to imagine under Sensibility disorders? In principle, it concerns sensory disorders (especially of the skin). Typical are, for example, sensations of touch (numbness, furry feeling, tingling, ants running or the like) or incorrectly perceived temperature stimuli (too cold or too hot). Also, sometimes normal touch or skin contact can be felt as painful.

Uncertainty while walking

Sometimes the sensory disturbances also affect the joints. Then unconscious vibration sensation may be impaired, resulting in feelings of insecurity, e.g. when walking can lead (tripping, accidentally knocking).

Overall, the range of variation in MS-related sensory disorders is significant. There is almost nothing that does not exist. And not a few people with MS have virtually no problems with it.


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MS sensibility disorder
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Feel a nonexistent node under the left middle toe