What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy means to explore yourself - with the professional help of a therapist - because you are mentally ill or mentally ill. It's about understanding where the mental suffering or the mental illness that you are suffering from comes from. Only understanding is already change - in addition, in psychotherapy, to see what can help.

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Because man is fundamentally able to cope with emotional suffering. For certain mental illnesses but professional help is needed. Without help, it may get worse - or chronic. You will notice whether your emotional suffering is increasing, whether it has been felt for some time.

The claim of psychotherapy is to set your healing process in motion, to promote and support you in such a way that the emotional suffering is less and eventually disappears completely. A therapy is a process. The psychotherapist has learned the appropriate attitudes, procedures or methods to advance this process.

Author: Christa Kosmala, Psychological Advisor (M.A. / Master of Counseling)