How can I tell if I am mentally ill?

Woman - depressionOften it is not so easy to notice if a mental burden is so strong that you can not get out there alone. But if, for example, you hear voices or see things that no one else hears or sees except you, something is definitely not right. But most mental disorders without an acute trigger have not so clear symptoms. So if there is no acute trigger, such as the loss of a loved one or another dramatic event, what is?

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Consider whether the emotional suffering has slowly become more and more. If you are unsure, talk to somebody about it. Also, try to get a closer look. Maybe you feel, if and how much you are suffering from a mental suffering? And will you be able to handle this burden without professional help? Or are you just pushing a doctor's visit? Does the support of your family or friends no longer help?

The feeling of suffering from something has been going on for some time?

If the feeling of suffering emotionally increases over a period of time, if it makes you more and more difficult and you can not or do not want to talk about it in a familiar circle, then you should seek help.

You may also find that you yourself are no longer "normal" because you do not know each other as they have been for a long time? And nobody really seems to understand you? Or you are increasingly feeling an unclear fear?

Is total fatigue a sign of mental illness?

Often, a disorder is not alone, but it shows various symptoms. However, usually a symptom is clearly in the foreground. If the exhaustion lasts longer, you should go to a doctor. Or, for example, you sleep worse and worse, more and more pondering and that's been going on for many weeks or months. Of course, this can also be a sleep disorder in which no mental illness is the reason. But you obviously suffer from it and so should clarify the cause.

However, if you feel altogether more and more exhausted, drive-poor, tired, no longer have the joy of life, become increasingly sad, there is much more to it than a sleep disorder. These symptoms indicate a depression or a depressive episode. But depression can also be present without these symptoms all coming together or already being so pronounced. You should have it clarified.

Is there an acute trigger for my emotional suffering?

An acutely difficult life situation such as a separation or the loss of a job or home can trigger depressive symptoms. But other acute crises or severe mental stress can cause violent reactions. For example, who is in a separation phase of a long-term partner may have depressive symptoms or develop physical complaints. Such reactions do not mean that you are mentally ill. People can deal with suffering, even with great suffering.

Whether you can handle a pain or not, whether it makes you ill or your suffering becomes less after a painful phase, your self-awareness is first asked. Depending on how your honest answer turns out, get help or you can wait. In any case, you should talk to someone about it.

IM not sure

If you are unsure about what to do, or do not want to tell anyone about it, at least talk to your family doctor. He has confidentiality and can discuss with you what the Next step might be. You can also go to a medical psychotherapist or psychological psychotherapist. At least you can call there and hear if you can come - or you will get another hint. But if your condition is getting worse, go to a psychiatric department.

Author: Christa Kosmala, Psychological Advisor (M.A. / Master of Counseling)

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Cognition is good, lying is better.
1 Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 5:18 pm
Herrmann O.
Meanwhile I just go out when I can not help it anymore and with thoughts of dying I go to bed and it's the first thought in the morning.
In the last 24 months of my search I was allegedly rejected for time reasons and five times the educated gentlemen thought that they do not work with the unemployed because they do not have a daily structure.
Realizing that you need help is important.But more important would be psychologists (?) With backbone.