Unclear back pain: Can cancer be the cause?

Theoretically yes. However, that is very unlikely. Research has shown that around 1% of all cases of chronic back pain are caused by cancer. This clearly shows that cancer as a cause is a rare exception. And if you're still relatively young (say, between 40 and 60 years old) and have no other discomfort (such as heavy weight loss), it's even more unlikely that a tumor is behind your back pain.

Which cancers can be on the back?

If a cancer causes back pain, it is most likely due to metastases in the spine. So by daughter tumors, if the tumor has already scattered. Although there are also primary bone tumors, but they are extremely rare.

In principle, any tumor can scatter in the bone. But this is especially common:

  • breast cancer
  • lung cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Thyroid

The cause of back pain often remains unclear, even though they are generally harmless

However, such bone metastases are usually only found in very advanced cancers, and very rarely "only" in the form of back pain. In other words, you would normally have had many other complaints before. In this respect, one has to worry about back pain, which are more or less alone, so without conspicuous further complaints, that cancer is behind it. This is true even if the doctor in the cause search does not promote useful and in the end only shrugs his shoulders. Unfortunately, it is often the case with chronic back pain due to postural problems and tension that you can not find any clear cause.