What consequences can insomnia have?

insomniaThe immediate consequence and at the same time the most distressing symptom of insomnia is the lack of recovery. Typical effects are marked daytime fatigue, decreased concentration and decreasing attention towards others.

Our 11 most important tips against sleep problems

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The general fatigue is often accompanied by irritability, restlessness and an increased anxiety. In addition to the performance slump it can come in the long run to the change of character and in severe severity to significant professional and social problems.

Insomnia: The horror in bed and the fear of it

Even before the fatigue is so seriously detrimental, the long and unwanted watchfulness triggers often oppressive to panic-like feelings. The horror before the Next night puts a strain on the mind and additionally worsens the chances of falling asleep. Thus, especially with persistent insomnia, a vicious circle can arise: the problem becomes independent, regardless of a possible trigger.

Stress reaction with dangerous consequences

According to findings of sleep medicine, bad sleep also means stress for the organism beyond our conscious perception. There are shifts in the hormone balance. An altered release of cortisol, melatonin, leptin and prolactin was detected.

The lack of sleep strains the heart and circulation, accelerates aging processes and affects, among other things, the immune system. In addition, it is considered a risk factor for getting fat in both children and adults. It has also been scientifically proven that a full day without sleep, specifically 27 hours, affects mental performance more than 0.85 per thousand alcohol in the blood. Investigations have also shown that in a nocturnal sleep volume of only 2-5 hours, the risk of cancer, diabetes and vascular calcification (arteriosclerosis) increases.

Insomnia: Do not settle for it!

Nevertheless, there is no need to panic. This is important to know and acknowledge, even if the current emotional state tells you something completely different. Because the regeneration capacity of your body is very large. If you overcome your sleep disorder, there are very good chances that everything will then narrow down. Therefore, the most important message is: Use all your own and also therapeutic offers in practice and clinic to get the insomnia under control as early as possible. It is worth it ..

Author: Dr. Hubertus Glaser