What is the difference between a stroke and a cerebral infarction?

The stroke is an acute circulatory disorder in the brain that leads to malfunction or even destruction of nerve cell tissue. He is better known as a stroke. The cerebral infarction is a possible variant of it.

Brain stroke: either a vascular occlusion or a cerebral hemorrhage

And now the more detailed explanation: Cause of a stroke or stroke may be both a vascular occlusion and a cerebral hemorrhage (bursting of a vein with bleeding into the surrounding tissue). So two very different things, but lead to the same result: A particular area of ​​the brain is so severely damaged that the nerve cells in this area go under. Depending on the location and size of the affected brain region, paralysis and other deficits appear to varying degrees.

Cerebral infarction is the variant in which vascular occlusion is the cause of stroke. Similar to a heart attack, there is thus an acute lack of circulation, because a blood vessel is blocked. This type of stroke is also called ischemic stroke (blood deficiency = ischemia).

Incidentally, both stroke variants can also occur as a consequence of the other form.

Author: Dr. med. Jörg Zorn