What is meant by a TIA?

In a TIA ("transient ischemic attack") it comes - similar to a stroke - to a circulatory disorder in the brain and neurological deficits (blurred vision, dizziness, paralysis, etc.). In contrast to stroke, these symptoms go away after a short time by itself. Short time means here: after a few hours, after a maximum of 1 day.

The TIA is a kind of mini-stroke in which the effects of the circulatory disorder can still be repaired by the body. "Transitory" means temporarily, "ischemia" means circulatory disorder, hence the name. A transient ischemic attack is considered a clear warning that a stroke is imminent, and must be thoroughly clarified.

If you have experienced such symptoms and are not sure what that was, you should always seek the safety advice from a doctor. Because even if the TIA attack has long since subsided, threatens without treatment great danger.

Author: Dr. med. Jörg Zorn