What side effects can occur with Lefax or Sab simplex (simethicone)?

Virtually none, no side effects are known. This is also related to the fact that these agents against flatulence are purely physical in the intestine, so do not pass into the blood.

Background: Lefax® and simplex® both contain the active ingredient Simeticon. The substance reduces the surface tension of gas bubbles in the intestine and causes them to burst. In this way, what causes so much grief in flatulence is literally dissolved into thin air. Since Simeticon is only active in the intestine and excreted virtually unchanged via the feces, there are no known side effects.

The only possible danger is that the surface-active properties of Simeticon may increase or decrease the absorption of other medicines from the intestine. There are a few individual reports, but no further experience.

Numerous preparations with simethicone

There are besideLefax® and simplex® by the way also other preparations with Simeticon:

  • under the proper name
  • Elugan®
  • Espumisan®
  • Imogas®
  • anti Flat® (Austria)
  • Flatulex® (Switzerland)
  • Uluxan® (Switzerland)

Author: Dr. med. Jörg Zorn

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Sap simplex
1 Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 19:23
Ümüs irmak
Since I take sap simplex I have restless states and disturbance of the condition can extremely fall into the ceiling because of restlessness