What are the early signs of impending burnout syndrome?

A burnout syndrome is not a stone carved diagnosis, there are no blood counts or anything like that that provides any kind of evidence that you are suffering from burnout. Nor is there any clear evidence that you are heading for burnout. Not every feeling of stress is a burnout. But despite this gray area, there are a few typical signs that you may be "on edge".

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Early indications of a burnout syndrome can be:

  • You feel overloaded by your current tasks and requirements. You often feel that everything is growing over your head. Or you fear that.
  • What causes you stress comes mainly from the outside: from your boss or your business partners, or through family requirements. At least that's how you feel.
  • They are more irritated than they used to be, more tense about things that would not have disturbed you in the past.
  • You can listen worse. It's easy for you to talk about your own job responsibilities, but focusing on what other people tell you ("all banalities compared to my worries") is becoming increasingly difficult for you.
  • They feel constantly under time pressure. Even at leisure, this rushed feeling hardly diminishes.
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  • Basically, it is difficult in your free time to even get involved in it. So enjoy the free time, really relax. You would like to keep working because there is still so much to do and you are afraid of failure.
  • You are afraid of disappointing someone with your current project or tasks.
  • You gradually cut off your leisure and social interests. Meetings with friends or the weekly sports are neglected because "just too much is too much".
  • They are mostly in a bad mood, their overall mood is bad.

Author:Dr. med. Jörg Zorn