How do you recognize that you are stressed?

Most people are pretty sure when they have stress and when not: "I'm just very stressed" or "I feel totally stressed out" are almost classic, so often you hear these sentences. But there are also some more objective criteria:

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  • can not switch off anymore,
  • constant irritability,
  • Sleep problems,
  • difficulty concentrating
  • or decreasing efficiency.

And all this in combination with a feeling that he is barely able to cope with the current tasks.

Then there are also something like smaller, more hidden signs: For example, if you feel the preparations are so stressful during an upcoming holiday that you can no longer look forward to it. Or if you prefer to repeatedly cancel appointments with pleasure, because that simply takes too much time for the current project.

In the long term, gastrointestinal problems, high blood pressure or heart disease can be added as "stress symptoms", but on the other hand, they are more likely to be symptoms of acute stress. The burnout syndrome, in which nothing works, is then something like the end of the dead end.

Fremdgebschuldet or homemade?

Of course, all this is very difficult to objectify, especially since every person has a different stress tolerance level. After all, there are those who have already had their gastric ulcer and still say that they are not stressed out. But the fact is, the sense of stress has been steadily increasing in recent decades, at least in the world of industrialized countries and especially in professional life.

However, much of it is homemade - and here is also a core problem: on the one hand has increased stress without any question. On the other hand, he has also become a fashion concept. In many places, you get more recognition when you feel stressed out than when you say, "I am absolutely relaxed at the moment". In a big company this can be the beginning of the end, because it puts you immediately in the Loser corner. Mind you: not only for the boss, also for the colleagues.

Stress is also a status symbol

How idiotic that is, you do not really have to explain. And yet it is everyday life. Constantly talking hectically into the cell phone and processing the e-mails in parallel in the second smartphone is now regarded by many as a status symbol, even if it is completely monstrous. And of course stressful. On the other hand, anyone who only watches his e-mails once a day (note: turn off the beep!) Or even worse, does not even own a smartphone, is often only looked at with a frown by his fellow human beings.

If you feel stressed, you should - and before you tell all the world about it - first of all question how much of this is going on your own. Of course, it should not be denied that in professional life in many places the imposed stress has increased.

Author:Dr. med. Jörg Zorn