10 tips to lose weight

My personal recommendations for weight loss

Olive oil - potatoes - vegetables

If you want to live a healthy life, you should take care of your diet. If you want to lose weight, you have to do it. Fortunately, overweight is not an inevitable fate. Genes and predispositions play a certain, but not the decisive role when it comes to our figure.

The diet is a very wide field. As long as you are not a nutrition expert or health consultant, you should not make science out of it. But rather act practically and pragmatically. Forget the many myths, fairy tales and pseudo-scientific outpourings around losing weight. Diets are useful only in rare, medically justified cases and as a temporary measure.

In order to permanently lose weight and keep a healthy body weight, it usually requires a change in diet, coupled with a change in lifestyle. Pharmaceutical or surgical medical treatment can help in rare cases.

My 10 most important tips against excessive weight:

  • 1. A permanent weight loss only succeeds if you really want it. And that can only arise out of yourself, not through the desire of others. Understand why and why losing weight is good for you. This is important. Based on this realization, the serious will sets the path for the tumbling kilos.
  • 2. Diets are worthless if you do not change your habits. Maintaining a diet for 4-6 weeks, many can do it. But to hold on to weight after that, only a few can do it. But that's what matters. Adiet may get a quick sense of achievement, but it does not achieve what you most want: stay slim all the time. For that you have to change your habits. Especially in terms of nutrition and exercise. This is often very difficult - but possible! The habituation effect is the biggest hurdle and at the same time your big chance: If you have maintained a healthier diet and regular exercise for a longer time (for example, six weeks), then that will eventually become your new habit. They internalize it, and it does not get any better. Starvation is therefore not an option for a permanent weight loss.
  • 3. Less calorie intakeand more movement. Both belong together when it comes to a healthy body weight. Do not just bet on one of the two horses. More exercise means more muscle and there plays - unlike in adipose tissue - the metabolic music. The muscles burn calories not only when they are required for exercise, but even during sleep.
  • 4. Only eat if you are really hungry:That sounds logical and obvious, but it is not. How often do we eat a plate, just so that nothing remains. Or fill up another serving because there is something left in the bowl or pot. This is nonsense and harms you. When in doubt, throwing something away is not so bad as getting fat and sick because you do not want to throw anything away.
  • 5. Lots of fruit, lots of vegetables, a lot of drinks:Make your diet healthier - especially varied and balanced, with plenty of fresh fruit, salad and vegetables. Moreroughage, less sugar (and finished products that contain a lot of industrial sugar), fat, meat, alcohol etc. - you know ... Very important: drink a lot! Especially water, herbal or fruit tea. The fluid intake has, similar to the movement, many health-promoting effects. It also helps to curb your appetite.
  • 6. Less alcohol. Many people only think about eating when they lose weight. But one or two glasses of beer or wine in the evening contain as many calories as a generous portion of sweets. In addition, you get more cravings for snacks and snacks through alcohol. Refrain from doing so well and as often as possible.
  • 7. Not only the fitness center leads to weight loss, it is also in everyday life: Just walk more often, stairs instead of elevator, bike instead of car, standing instead of sitting. And every now and then a simple little stretching and workout with strength, holding, stretching and stretching exercises. That costs nothing, anyone can and always helps: to lose weight, to maintain weight and just to stay fit.
  • 8. Give yourself enough sleep. What should sleep have to do with weight loss? A lot, because a well-rested body and a well-rested soul are much less in need of fat, unhealthy food, sweets and alcohol. Also a stress-reduced daily routine is helpful - and time and again to prepare healthy meals yourself. Not only on the weekend. That sounds utopian? Is possible. Frei after Ludwig Feuerbach: Man is how he eats.
  • 9. Choose the right time to start. The weight loss project needs your full attention! At least until you have thoroughly pushed it and signs of first successes. Therefore, you should not expect this act of strength especially in times of professional or private high stress. If the stress phase persists permanently, however, there is an acute need for action. Otherwise you keep pushing the stress argument between yourself and your weight loss wish.
  • 10. Start with small steps and goalsthat you consistently comply with. Keep a journal. About what you have eaten, how much you have moved, and of course about your weight. This motivates and creates opportunities for enjoyment. However, forgive occasional regression and "fall". They are also part of it. Most importantly, enjoy the change in your lifestyle and diet!

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Authors: Dr. Hubertus Glaser & Dr. med. med. Jörg Zorn