Why is it possible that pregnancy sometimes happens despite the pill?

The onset of the period can be postponed by taking the pill afterwards (medically postcoital pill) a little forward or backward. If the Next menstruation, based on the calculated date, but more than 5 days in coming, a pregnancy test should be performed or the gynecologist be visited.

Since no contraceptive - even the pill after not - is 100% safe, it may still have come to a pregnancy. In one to two percent of cases, taking the postcoital pill even within a 48-hour interval can not prevent conception.

Often this is not due to the failure of the drug. Sometimes it happens, for example. that the date of the last period was wrongly remembered and that the exact time in the cycle is different. The pregnancy-induced sexual intercourse would be e.g. already clear before taking the pill and could not be prevented by this then. Also, the ovulation due to fever, travel or stress can take place unscheduled sooner or later, so that even the most careful calculation of supposed hours after sexual intercourse would be wrong.

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What you should know ...

Another not uncommon reason why women still get pregnant after taking the pill after that: they feel protected by the emergency contraceptive for the rest of the month and continue to have traffic without a contraceptive. However, as the pill's mode of action involves the postponement of ovulation (beyond the lifetime of the sperm), a later unprotected sexual intercourse in the same cycle may well result in pregnancy. In principle, even though nothing speaks against a second intake of the Postkoitalpille in the same cycle, but you can avoid this second gift by better knowledge the same.

Conclusion: For the remainder of the cycle it is essential to prevent it effectively (for example with a condom).

If pregnancy does occur, the embryo is not endangered

Important to know: If you decide to have a baby when you are pregnant, this is not endangered by taking the postcoital pill. There is no evidence for increased malformations, pregnancy complications or miscarriages in the variant with progesterone. Thus, there are no medical reasons for abortion affecting the child if the pill does not prevent conception thereafter. Similar to the always possible failure of all other contraceptives (contraceptives) would be in the case before deciding which way is right for you now ... The adoption of the child, approval for adoption or termination of pregnancy.

Author: Dr. med. Monika Steiner / doctor