10 tips for menopause

Woman - menopause - beach

My very personal recommendations for the menopause

In one woman, menopause starts in the middle of forty, at the other end fifty.

In one woman they start suddenly and violently, in the other very slowly and barely noticeable.

The menopause is therefore very varied, but in one point, many women agree: The time around the menopause can sometimes be quite annoying. Whether by the constant sweats and heat spurts or by the dry skin.

These symptoms of hormonal changes are completely normal and neither disorder nor illness. Similar to gray hair, they are simply part of life. But above all, you can do a great deal to make the time of menopause just as happy as you did the years before: with the following tips and suggestions, we want to try to contribute something.

  • 1. Do not let the menopause spoil your mood. In phases, a bad mood is absolutely normal and through thehormonal changes good to explain. But to feel bad for years because of a completely natural change is annoying, secondly almost always avoidable (see also tip 2-10).
  • 2. Eat well and balanced. Of course this always makes sense, but also especially during the menopause. It has been proven that a healthy diet reduces the frequency of typical menopausal symptoms.
  • 3. A weight gain during menopause need not be. Watch out for a moderate diet and exercise, then chances are good that you are holding your figure. We would like to recommend one in this contextHealth juicewhose effectiveness has been scientifically proven and which additionally minimizes the cravings for the food. One spoon per day covers all important nutrients (vitamins, also vitamin D for osteoporosis, minerals, etc.), one bottle is sufficient for about 50 days.
  • 4. Make sure there is enough exercise in your life. Whether daily walks or regular sports: Almost all the menopausal symptoms and risks associated with menopause (tend to osteoporosis) are thereby tend to be positively influenced.
  • 5. Be wary of hormone supplements. Many gynecologists prescribe it almost without thinking, when women tell them about typical menopausal symptoms. Although the hormone pills usually relieve the symptoms quite quickly, they also harbor a number of dangers, including cancer - at least on prolonged ingestion. There are also many very effective herbal remedies for hot flashes, dry skin & Co.
  • 6. If you want to try herbal remedies for the ailments, the choice is great. Just try out what works best for you. We recommend using preparations with black cohosh or rhubarb root.
    Also useful may be an attempt with rose root (Rhodiola). The plant substance has been shown to be able to improve the inner strength and mood.More here.
  • 7. A tip for phases of frequent sweats or heat spurts: At least in the cold season wear like an onion. So two to three parts on top of each other to be able to easily drop something if necessary. Best garments made of natural materials. Even in bed, an additional cotton pad (towel or extra sheets) can be cheap, so that you do not have to change your bed at night in case of a fall.
  • 8. If you have had good experiences with homeopathy Or if you want to give it a try, we recommend the active ingredients Acidum Sulfuricum, Aristolochia, Cimicifuga, Lachesis and Sepia during menopause.
  • 9. Think of your health care and take the recommended routine examinations at the doctor (cardiovascular, breast, etc.). The menopause itself may be harmless, but the risk of illness naturally increases slowly in those years. Discovered early, most problems are more manageable.
  • 10. The ideal of a woman is filled with the attributes "young" and "attractive". At least, if you go by the values ​​of our western society. But they are extremely questionable. Because they have nothing to do with true happiness. A Scarlett Johansson is not necessarily happier than 60 year old Heidi Müller from Deggendorf. Free yourself from these ideas. In Asian countries, for example, an older woman is much more respected than a young pretty fruit because it combines mental and spiritual maturity. And the Asians are right.

Author: Dr. med. Jörg Zorn