What are the first signs of the onset of menopause?

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The first signs of the onset of menopause are usually cycle disorders. So the monthly cycle is often shortened a bit. Also, the bleeding can be stronger.

Also mental symptoms such as Mood swings or low moods are often an early symptom of menopause. The classic complaints such as hot flashes occur even in the early stages, but are in contrast to the cycle disorders often more of a permanent annoyance, not a pure early symptom.

Menopausal symptoms very variable

This early phase of menopause is also called premenopause. Overall, one has to say that the symptoms and symptoms are very different from woman to woman. Thus, it is always problematic to speak of frequent or typical signs or to assign these complaints to specific phases. What applies to the majority of women can be very different in individual cases.

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And important to emphasize: All this does not have to happen. In about one third of all women menopause causes almost no complaints, so they remain virtually unnoticed.

Author:Dr. med. Jörg Zorn

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